Belle Grey is committed to producing high quality hay and has taken years to make our hay pasture thick and vigorous through annual and perennial seeding, lime and fertilizing. Our most important consideration is the quantity of available and digestible nutrients stored in our hay and the level of animal performance that will result from feeding those nutrients.


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For pick-up or delivery, email


 - Delivery

Delivery is available for a fee and includes unloading and stacking in reasonable ground level access and/or on a customer supplied hay elevator in a loft only. Unloading hay in an upper level hayloft without a customer supplied hay elevator or in any area deemed unreasonable will result in the hay being delivered on ground level nearest the customer designated area.


 - Payment

Cash or Personal Check on Delivery /Pick-up


Pick up at our barn is by appointment only.


Hay Pick up Rules


Upon entering Belle Grey Farm, the customer agrees that Belle Grey Farm shall not be held responsible for any accident or injury occurring on the premises. No children are allowed in the barn, on the hay stacks, or in the wagons.


The hay stacks are not stable. Please be careful when on or near them.

Equine Hay by Belle Grey Farm